Dancing on Death: Right

The fact that Americans are not affronted by the Chinese virus and its origin is daunting. The misinformation at the onset is record and the public blame on the president is puzzling. The handling can be questioned but the bottom line the source is culpable. The Tic Tox App should be a no brainer to all people who are social justice advocates. The Chinese government policies have killed people worldwide and the oppression of the Uyghur community is a blatant disregard of human rights. The pattern calls for the Chinese Government to be called a Menace to Society and should be ostracized as a country. People are dancing on graves and Wall Street and Chinese Moguls are getting rich. There is no gain in the pain of others. All lives matter in a free and moral society and in the global community injustice anywhere should be addressed. The fact that money is an issue and pleasure seem to forefront all. It may cost many but the gain to a few would be a lot, now is the time to put things right.

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