Putin is Russia

Defeat of Russia is to destroy Putin this will be hard to do. Putin is a relic of the 🥶 cold war that is now a hot 🥵 war. Putin will not fail Russia he is armed and dangerous. Time is the best to get pass this madness. Putin will pass and his mindset will become extinct. Cease 🔥 Fire is best for Europe, hate and grudges has ⛽ fueled two World 🌎 Wars.

Putin: KBG Man!!!

Do you really think a man red-flagged by the KBG would trust an army to do his bidding? The guy knows about the gap the west prepared for 50 years. This was just a probe to see the response. The question of why use his best missiles is to see what he has. The no man’s land has been created an economic World War 3 has begun get your popcorn.