You Have to Know When Your ‘re Beat

Borders are Done

Border security is a loss cause in the world. There are too many ways to get around it and people making money to game it. People looking for opportunity in the developed world will only increase. Data base on involvement in economic opportunities will control everything. Humanitarian issues can be managed but no rewards for illegal conduct. Thinking creatively, we must go Hollywood “District Nine”, the only way.


Humor of Reality: Sing the Mantra

Rumor Has It

There are two million immigrants in the pipeline for America, this is not a crisis. There are unquantified people who face evictions if rent moratoriums are lifted, this is not a crisis. Housing policy for all Americans is the bottom line for the creation of wealth. Land was the tool in the days of old, Housing is the New Normal it consumes the money of the people. The crisis is a foundation to build on dreams is not here.