Advance to the Rear

There is no gain to reverting to failed policies of the past. Multilateral coalitions have only helped politicians and corporations. The cost to the poor and middle class has been lives and money. Policy is recorded in history and graveyards. The shift of industry to foreign lands and fighting wars of cost has crippled the country.

America First is the only path forward in the world of populism. Information has given people the choice to make their own way. Diversity is the natural order of life. People and nations can be judged for their actions but must be respected. Economics will be the driving force of all people regardless of their position in life.


Wall Street will Ride the Steed of Unbridled Greed

Taxes and Tariffs on Wall Street to support a Universal Basic Income is the only logical solution to income inequality. There are no ways small businesses can revive this economy. Government must impose a value added tax to sustain a growing economy. Wall Street will not invest in the American worker this is a service economy it makes no sense. Profits are greater in the developing world. America is a consumer buying economy. The Green Economy is a rabbit hole of madness. Unreliable green energy is not an option for the country. Electric vehicles will only be a choice for the masses not a need or necessity. Sustainable growth will come when the pandemic is over with good policy. Rational taxes and new thinking are the path for the country.