You Have to Know When Your ‘re Beat

Borders are Done

Border security is a loss cause in the world. There are too many ways to get around it and people making money to game it. People looking for opportunity in the developed world will only increase. Data base on involvement in economic opportunities will control everything. Humanitarian issues can be managed but no rewards for illegal conduct. Thinking creatively, we must go Hollywood “District Nine”, the only way.

Immigration/Time for plan “B”

Play it out of Hollywood/” Rise of the Smartarians”.

The internet has opened the floodgate of information of the world. Smart people all over the world can get the hedonistic pleasure of instant gratification. A woman said in a movie instant gratification took too long. Control of any crisis must be managed with the knowledge the uninformed is an endangered species. People know what is affecting their lives they have the will to make their move at once if not sooner. Fool talk is a thing of the pass there are no fools anymore everyone is smart looking out for their interests.



 Racism is a subset of a larger problem the subjugation of people for economic goals. Slavery in America became the money cog of industry in the south in conjunction with northern manufacturing the north. Europeans preyed on people of color worldwide with colonialism; China, Africa, South America, India are economic history.