Ukraine/Chess Game

The war is Putin’s chess game with the west he has been at it all his life. Killing people and destroying Ukraine will be his legacy. The west must play for ⌚ saving lives for future rational actors. This is Putin’s war do not let him bring the Russian people into this madness.

Game Putin

Ukraine will never become a part of Nato on Russia’s border. Ukraine will be destroyed as a country and Russia will not pay to rebuild it. Russian and Ukrainian deaths are pointless in the cold ❄ war mentality of madness. Time ⌚ to get ahead of the curve. Cease🔥 Fire will save lives. Deaths will be in the dustbin of history.

Putin for Cease Fire!

Putin is the best chance for peace with Ukraine for after he is gone Russia and Europe will descend into the unknown. Nationalism will engulf Russia and populism will reign in Europe. The EU is held together by economic bond, but the social order is frayed. Balkanization may occur in Europe.