Infrastructure Spending for Wall Street

The fact that no relief for the masses of unemployed

and housing distressed is a boondoggle in the making.

Internet coverage and energy reliability are the only things that require immediate coverage. Roads, airports, bridges with nowhere people want to go are not helping the masses of distressed people. Millions spent on projects that enrich corporations give little benefit to Main Street America. Housing priority spending should be first across the nation. Educational programs for all should be national concern to interject a national stimulus. People first will spur economic spending and grow growth all over the country.



Think About: Road of America

Systemic problems of housing and income security are the priority of people who are in distress. America should make a priority to those people. Charity starts at home; this is the bedrock of consensus in politics. Go big or go home is not a policy it is a slogan, it is malarkey. Guaranteed income and a national housing program are a policy that can be implemented. New thinking is brought forth by need the mother of necessity.