Policy/Personal Choice/2020

Issues for future policy must be objective and practical. Elected officials will determine consensus for policy. Voters must have regard of ulterior motives by all politicians. 2020 is the election of win the day with coalitions of people with questionable agenda. The record of politicians will be front and center. Forward thinking about the future should be first thing on voters’ mind. The current administration has demonstrably dealt issues both foreign and domestic the only question is policy.

Money for Nothing

The fact that the American taxpayer have funded worldwide policy at the directions of democratic and republican administrations have not produced good results. Vietnam, Iraq, NATO, and Covid-19 have taxpayer money supported roots. Money paid to the World Health Organization did not serve us well. Voters should put their interests first; failed policy is ongoing bad news for voters.

History of False Information

Government information put forth for political gain and public support is an old game. In my lifetime there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident which led to a reason for escalation in Vietnam. The weapons of mass destruction claim that led to the second Iraq war these are examples of misinformation by a political party for public support of policy. There was a government official who said this of the CIA. “They don’t know as much as they say they know. They don’t tell you what they do know and then they lie”. The fact the neo-con complex is still a factor in government give pause to any argument about national security.


Voters must put their self-interests first if you help yourself you can aid someone else. Individuals formed communities to help themselves. Individuals of self-interests formed America. Policy affect voters, voters pay taxes that pay politicians. Vote for the political party that affect your issues.

Modern Politics 101

The economic gain in politics is a given today in the United States money dictates policy. The fact that we have an intractable president gave me pause to relate to a man who was known for plain speaking. The issue of speaking how you think give the opportunity to engage with counterpoint in politics. One not holding to party or concepts line is free thinking toward what can be consensus with engagement.

Employment-bases Economics

Employment-based Economics

Employment based policy for the average person will be foremost in the next election. Massive unemployment must have creditable policy actors. The policy that has worked for the country in the past may not work in the future. Voters must stay informed and must make best decisions in their interests.


Voter participation give voice and substance to his thought processes. Voters put their interests first. This concept was foremost in the formation of America. The advocates for Independence from England put forth arguments for their positions.

The chief argument was for individual freedom of interaction with voice in government. The people by vote give their consensus to their interests on policy by their elected officials. We as voters must put our interests first to help others.

Reality/Truth/Common Sense/Political Position

How one comes viewpoints is the product of his culture, voters should do a introspective .

All Politics are Local

Reality/Truth/Common Sense/Political Position

America is a composite of diverse cultures this is reality. You cannot change what is in a person’s mindset without discourse this is truth. The finger pointing and the blame game does not work. Common sense and objective truth are the ways to achieve a political position of consensus.

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