Trillion Train Time

Trillions Train

When there is money on the table everyone can feast there will be no losers until check time. Boondoggles and frauds will be government funded perpetuating programs. When the tax rates are fixed business prices go up. This is not rocket science. Cost overruns and spider programs will abound. No-one minds paying taxes if they are making money. Jump off the train before derailment with cash in hand.

Affordable Housing

The engagement of Affordable Housing has become crucial for enhancing value for all stakeholders, i.e. developers, house owners, and the government. Considering the economic hardships which many sections of the society are likely to face on account of pandemic conditions prevailing across the globe, affordable housing can come back to sharp attention for ensuring that engagement of the value and needs of people. The attention affordable housing will become crucial for creating value for all stakeholders in the long run.