Fan is unplugged

] The Last Pariah looks to invoke fear in the those who speak the truth. Disengagement is the only course with the government of China. Countries that want to do business with them do so at their discretion. It is time to engage in the good fight. History has shown dealing with bad actors has no good outcome. Americans are smarter than that the world will become smarter too. Time to lead at any cost.

Appeasement with a Bad Actor/The Last Pariah

The clear global community goal to deal with China is economically based.

China actions across all spectrums of global cooperation is wanting.

Dealing with China is tantamount to Hitler deals in the pass. Everything is

rotten to the core of the regime. Time to ostracize and move on in a Democratic

world. China will self-destruct like the Soviets. The world is best to pass on a Bad Actor.































Trump Tariffs/Wall Street Wizards

The fact that Tesla is suing the government to bring in parts is the factor that makes made in America sense in a global economy. The money can be used to train and educate Americans in the New Normal. Companies that used foreign made components are financed by profit moguls. Chinese or Wall Street the goal is to profit from the Market of America the strongest economy in the world. America must have control of this market to help Americans.