Trumpism: Medicine for Dummies


The fact of how self-serving political operatives use the system for monetary gain must be addressed. Wars financed by the policy of career politicians who floated between lobbyist and government positions, supported the military complex Eisenhower spoke of departing government. The status-quo coalition politicians, never Trumpers and new deal operatives have but one agenda which is power. The cure for the malady of declining fortune of working Americans is Trumpism like medicine it may taste bad, but it will make you better. America first is putting the country in control of the issues that concern Americans. Globalization was a ploy of monetary gain by those who profit by shifting industries. Cheaper prices cost American jobs and lower the living standards of Americans. Taxes on Wall Street to give relief for damage done to Americans unable to find work must be implemented. Tariffs on all goods to keep our trading partners fair. Social issues must be addressed with discourse and objective reasoning. Americans accepting the operatives of the past is not a solution for the future. The failed policies are there to see the future that must be created.

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