2020 Protection/Economy

Protect the U.S. from foreign markets and Wall Street with tariffs on all goods imported. Goods with import taxes high enough to cause a shift to domestic production is good. American interests come first; Global trade has decimated our economy Covid-19 will give us a controlling factor in our economy. America is a self-sustain economy with the ability to get the best trade deals. Energy was a problem in the past but no longer we are in good shape. Rebuilding America across phases is now possible with low borrowing rates in the marketplace. America can issue bonds to finance all needs of the country. America first should be the primary goal in voter mindset. Food industry should be given subsidies to make worker safety concerns moot. Workers and students should be priorities with protocols for protections. Healthcare workers should be nationalized for tracing virus. Childcare workers, and schools need a consolidation to be an effective foil to the virus. Technology and money can negate Covid-19 and protect the economy.

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