Helicopter Money/Vaccine for the Future

Government will never have an opportunity to solve social problems as it has now. Money is available at rates that allow time to show the effects of its application. Voters know their issues congress can address them. Money devoted to long standing problems will be a plus for a sustainable recovery. If no vaccine is effective in the new normal, money will adjust the economy easier.

2020 Protection/Economy

Protect the U.S. from foreign markets and Wall Street with tariffs on all goods imported. Goods with import taxes high enough to cause a shift to domestic production is good. American interests come first; Global trade has decimated our economy Covid-19 will give us a controlling factor in our economy. America is a self-sustain economy with the ability to get the best trade deals. Energy was a problem in the past but no longer we are in good shape. Rebuilding America across phases is now possible with low borrowing rates in the marketplace. America can issue bonds to finance all needs of the country. America first should be the primary goal in voter mindset. Food industry should be given subsidies to make worker safety concerns moot. Workers and students should be priorities with protocols for protections. Healthcare workers should be nationalized for tracing virus. Childcare workers, and schools need a consolidation to be an effective foil to the virus. Technology and money can negate Covid-19 and protect the economy.

Best Deal

Timing is everything, we need ideas for economic conditions today. The people need long term support programs. Wall Street is where the money is plentiful and Money Never Sleeps incentives for investment in the largest economy is a no brainer. Long term high yield bonds say 10% for 30 years will give money to support needs of programs to support the rebuilding of the economy. Covid-19 effect on the global economy is a long-term situation, America is where the recovery starts. America is the Rome of today all economies seek this market we must control it. Money made available for programs for the future growth of the economy helps all Americans. Roosevelt’s new deal was the best for the time. We as voters must have the best deal with financial means to take actions. There is a Roman saying Fortis Fortuna Adjuvate which means “Fortunes Favors the Bold” voters must decide on economics principles in their interest.



Knowledge /Concept

The coalitions of the many against the few is the main idea of the bill of rights. The conditions of small states with rights was the idea of the constitution. The founders of these documents fear the rule of the mob, the misinformed, and the ignorant. The internet gives us a chance to be none of what the founders feared. Information is freedom to express your view by vote. The vote does not to be no more than your view. Your view on issues that are important to you will be the benchmark. Morality never played a part in the decisions of America it has always been looking out for the individual.

Play it out of Hollywood/Go with what you Know

Individual action play in history, voter action in this election is Hollywood material. What has worked for voters should influence their vote. Knowledge in life is the factor that decide most of one’s favorable outcome. Money has always been the defining factor in America. We Americans cannot take responsibility for past actions, the sins of the father do not apply. The truth cannot be a cop-out, slavery was good business in America. Slavery was a practice of all Americans. Whites, Blacks and Indians, all held slaves. The future policy that affect tax base is up to voters. Economics in life is the great defining concept in culture.